Treatment times are from 7:30-8:00 am and 3:45-4:15 pm.   All morning treatment sessions will be held in the Lobo Den and after school treatments in the Coliseum Athletic Training Rooms.  Treatments are also held during your athletic period WITH YOUR COACH'S PERMISSION.  Treatments are NOT held during your regular academic class hours. 

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Braces may be checked out from Coach Reynolds, Coach McGuff or Coach Scotter.  All braces must be returned at the end of your sport season or you will be charged for them.

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All athletes are required to complete new paperwork each year.  9th and 11th graders are required to get a new physical while other athletes may need a new physical as indicated on the medical history form.  All forms can be found on the Parent Info page.

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2-3 hours before activity drink 20 oz (1 bottle) of water or sports drink
10-20 minutes before activity drink 10 oz (1/2 bottle) of water or sports drink
During activity drink at every opportunity, especially in hot and humid weather
Within 2 hours after activity drink 20-24 oz (1-1.5 bottles) of water or sports drink

 You need:

  • Water to restore hydration

  • Carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores

  • Electrolytes to speed rehydration

  • Add small amounts of salt to food through out the day to offset electrolyte imbalance and avoid/reduce muscle cramps

 You do NOT need:

  • Caffeinated drinks like soda or tea
  • Energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster or Amp

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