Uniform Pieces -             Shirts, Pants, Skirts, Shorts, shorts, Jumpers


Color Tops:                    [Boys & Girls] –Royal Blue, Sky Blue, White Navy, Gold –(not yellow)


Color Bottomss:             [Boys & Girls]- Khaki, Navy (pants, shorts)

                                      [Girls] – Khaki, Navy or Blue/White Plaid (Skirts, Shorts, Jumper & Shorts)


Text Box: VENDOR
All Around Kids         JCPenney’s     Dollar Stores   Academy         Target
Bealls                          Sears                Walmart          K-Mart                        Lollipops & Lace




[Uniform pieces can be purchased at any store as long as they meet uniform specifications.]



1.     Parents enrolling a new student at G. K. Foster will have two weeks to comply with the uniform policy.


2.     Enforcement will be as follows:

·        1st  Infraction- Student will be sent to office, then they will change clothing from the campus clothes closet & note will be sent to parents.

·        2nd  Infraction – Student will change clothing from the campus clothes closet & parents will be called.

·        3rd  Infraction –Parents will be called to pick up student.


3.     There are 2 school Picture days during the year that will be “free-wear” for students.


4.     Any garments with belt looks must have a belt worn.


5.     Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


6.     No slip-flops, sandals or any type open-toed shoe; shoes must be closed-in style.


7.     Light sweaters or jackets may be worn in class; no big (bulky) coats will be worn in the classroom.