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 Your screen resolution settings (measured in pixels) determine the amount of area that you see displayed on your monitor. At low settings, screen contents appear as if you are looking through a close-up camera lens. You see a relatively small amount of information (only part of a spreadsheet or Web page, for example), but the items themselves (text, pictures, etc.) appear relatively large. You must scroll down and across to see the entire contents of the screen and you cannot see everything at one time. People with vision problems might need to set their monitor to display these low settings to be able to read text and discern detail in pictures. With high-resolution settings, on the other hand,  screen contents appear as if you are looking through the wide angle lens of a camera. More information is visible but the items on the screen appear smaller. Changing screen resolution settings to suit your preferences is easy and the changes can altered many times without harm to your computer. The web pages in this website were created to be viewed best on a display setting of 1024 x 768 pixels. Try changing the setting first to this resolution. If you don't like the appearance of your screen, you can change again and again until it's just right.

   To change screen resolution

1.  Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

2.  Double-Click Display.

3.  Click the Settings Tab.

4.  Under Screen resolution, write down the current resolution settings (in case you want to return to it later. Drag the slider to the resolution you want to try and then click Apply.

5.  Your screen may make a "popping" noise and go black. This is normal. When it comes back on, the contents of the screen will be displayed at the new setting. You will be given a chance to accept the newly selected setting or reject it. After selecting "Yes" (that is, when you are satisfied with the resolution settings), click OK. Within a few seconds, the display box will disappear. You can then "X" out of the Control Panel.

Remember if you say "Yes" to accept the changes and decide later that you want to go back to the old settings, just repeat the steps above, moving the slider to the original resolution setting.

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