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Scholarships For Freshmen

Here are a few scholarships that have become available just recently. Please read to see if one or more interests you. This is by no means an exhaustive list of scholarships, but it will get you started in your search for money for college. The Guidance Department recommends that you visit one of the free scholarship search services, such as, to register to receive scholarship opportunities in your personal e-mail box. If you need  assistance with any scholarship questions, Mrs. Ray will be available to help you or you may contact your counselor.

Please be aware that Longview High School does not endorse any scholarship listed below; students and parents are advised to read all instructions and information carefully before applying. Longview High School neither encourages or discourages students to apply for any scholarship.

Deadline Date Name of Scholarship/Award Description/Eligibility

Contact Name/ Link

Non-Specific Next Step Magazine $5000 Ultimate Scholarship Giveaway Two ways to enter: (1) To enter Next Step Publishing's "Ultimate Scholarship Giveaway" online , complete and submit an entry form at the website www.nextstepmag(azine).com/contests.   Entry must be filled out completely and accurately with name, address, city, state, zip code, age, phone number (including area code), and e-mail address.   Online entries must include a valid e-mail address.
Various The Next Step Magazine's $100 Shout Out Contest


Submit your first-person stories below to The Next Step Magazine's $100 Shout Out Contest for teen writing.

The Next Step Magazine seeks first-person accounts written by teens for teens about subjects like peer pressure, politics, friends, world events, culture, dating or other relevant topics. Be creative, and create your own topic!

Many selections will be placed on The Next Step Magazine's Web site under Shout Outs!
Various he Next Step Magazine's $1000 College Scholarship The Next Step Magazine encourages reader involvement. We choose five $1,000 scholarship winners each year from students who return the magazine's business reply card. To enter, secure a Next Step Magazine from one of the literature display racks in the upstairs counseling center. Remove the business reply card from the center of the magazine. Complete it and mail it in; there is not charge for mailing. When Next Step Magazine receives your card, it will be processed and you will automatically be entered into the drawing for a $1000 scholarship. Next Step Magazine holds the drawing 5 times per year. Please be sure to read the contest rules on back. Next Step Magazines are provided in the upstairs counseling center on a first come first served basis. The company provides LHS with 50 copies several times per year.
Various Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation Developed and administered at Nova Southeastern University, the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) awards scholarships to students through Internet-based quiz competitions. CKSF reward students for demonstrating what they know. There is no essay writing or long applications to complete. Students receive scholarship awards based on common knowledge and basic education curricula. The primary focus is to have an objective competition that rewards students who have well-rounded, practical knowledge, and not necessarily those with the highest academic standing. There are several competitions (quizzes) that students can enter online. Please read the rules and information carefully before entering these competitions. Some competitions are for "teams" of students from a particular high school while other competitions can be entered by individual students. You may want to explore the entire website before you enter.


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Financial Aid Seminar Scams

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Good Luck With Your Scholarship Search!

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