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What is THEA?

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board strives to help students have a  successful college experience by ensuring that they are ready to handle college level courses. The THEA Test is the test used by most Texas public two year colleges as an assessment instrument for entering students. (Some colleges may use other tests, such as Accuplacer, for these evaluation purposes. To find out what test is used by the college you're considering, contact the college's testing center.) The THEA Test is designed to provide information about the reading, mathematics, and writing skills of students entering Texas public colleges, universities, and educator preparation programs. In 2009-2010 the cost of the test is $29.00.

Contact Jim Bowie to test at 903-663-7128
THEA Scores are never sent to LHS and do not appear on a graduating senior's transcript.
Registration forms are available in the downstairs LHS counseling center.
Read how to register online  for the THEA.

Must all students planning to attend public colleges and universities take THEA (or other entrance tests)?

Yes, unless their scores on other tests exempt them from THEA. You may be exempt from taking THEA if you make a certain score on your SAT, ACT and TAKS tests. There are other reasons that might also render you exempt from taking THEA, but you must check with that college or university for those exemption reasons. Check the college's website (usually the information is in the admissions/testing area) or call their admissions office and ask for the list of THEA exemptions. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board lists the exemptions most often used by Texas Public colleges and universities on their website.

Must students take the THEA test in order to take a college course for dual credit?

Yes, unless their scores on other tests exempt them from THEA or the college uses another test for evaluation. Again, check with the college or university that you plan to attend for specific exemptions. SAT, ACT, and TAKS scores should be on individual stickers on the back of your transcript. If they are not, you should contact the College Board for SAT scores, ACT for ACT scores, and Mrs. Beene, LHS TAKS coordinator, for TAKS scores. Mrs. Beene's office has been relocated behind Mrs. Reed's office. Also, let Mrs. Fugler, the registrar, know that the information is missing from your transcript and that you are in the process of having it sent to the registrar's office. There will be a fee charged by the College Board and ACT to have your scores sent to LHS. The student is responsible for this fee. However, LHS will pay the fee to request that a TAKS sticker be sent to the registrar.

LHS students desiring to take the THEA test may do so at local test centers such as Kilgore College, Tyler Junior College, Texas College, or Panola College. However, not all of these institutions administer the test on each test date. Check the registration bulletin to match test centers and test dates. Also contact the institution that you intend to enroll in to see if they test on additional dates as well.

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