Dewey Decimal System



A Story of the Dewey Decimal System of Classification

Complete story about the Dewey Decimal system with library activities




Explains what call numbers are and lists some topics that can be found in each of the 10 main divisions of the Dewey Decimal System



Dewey Decimal System

Explains how to search for information (books) using the Dewey Decimal System



 “Do We” Really Know Dewey?

Learn about the Dewey Decimal System which was designed by 6th graders



Let’s Do Dewey

Explains how books are assigned their call numbers and gives a brief account of the life of Melville Dewey



Dewey Browse

Contains websites classified by the Dewey Decimal Classification System for K-12



DCPL Kids Exploring the Dewey Decimal System

Explains that every subject has a number (which is like an address) that is used to locate books in the library



Can You Do the Dewey?

A trivia gave with biographical information on Dewey and an explanation of the classification system



Dewey Decimal System Game

Library skills game for elementary students



The Dewey Decimal System

A worksheet to name the 10 groups (of the Dewey Decimal System) that are used to classify non-fiction books in a library



Kid’s Guide to The Dewey Decimal System

Chart of Dewey Decimal Classification for children



Dewey Decimal Game

Lesson plans for 3rd-5th graders to learn the basics of using the Dewey Decimal System



Kid’s Click

web search (using the Dewey Decimal Classification System) for kids by librarians



The Dewey Decimal Classification System

A lesson to teach students about the fundamentals of the Dewey Decimal System to enable them to locate books in the library




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 Eureka!” Dewey did it: his system helps you every time you go to the library

Melville Dewey’s classification system for books




Susie Rohner, Librarian
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