How do I pick up my 2012 yearbook I ordered?
2012 yearbooks can be picked up in LHS Room 258.

How do I order a 2013 Lobo Yearbook?
1. You can order a 2013 Lobo Yearbook online at
2. C
ome by LHS Room 258 to order a yearbook in person.
3. Mail a check payable to LHS Yearbook to the following address and we will mail you a receipt.

LHS c/o Kevin Berns
201 E. Tomlinson Pkwy.
Longview, TX 75605.

How do I purchase a yearbook from a past year?
All yearbooks older than 2010 are $20.  We have most books from 1990 - Present and a few that are older. We can mail a yearbook for an additional $10.  Call (903) 663-7181 to make sure we have the book you need before you come to the school.

What's the price?
Lobo 2012 Yearbooks are currently $50. They will go up to $55 on January 1, 2013. After April 13 they will cost $60 until sold out.

How do I advertise in the 2013 Lobo Yearbook?
Click here for ad sizes and prices.
Or, call the yearbook office at (903) 663-7181 for more information.

How do I claim my yearbook when they arrive?
Yearbooks will be distributed during fall registration, which usually occurs two weeks before the start of the school year. Please bring your receipt to claim your book.

What if I cannot pick up my yearbook during this time?
After the distribution days, pick your book up at Receptionist Doris Watson's desk during school hours or in room 258.

I never got a yearbook when I was in school.  Is it too late?
We only have additional copies of the following books.  All "old" books are $20

Old books still for sale:
Lobo 1990
Lobo 1991
Lobo 1992
Lobo 1993
Lobo 1994
Lobo 1995
Lobo 1996
Lobo 1997
Lobo 1998
Lobo 1999
Lobo 2000
Lobo 2001
Lobo 2002
Lobo 2003
Lobo 2004
Lobo 2005
Lobo 2006
Lobo 2007
Lobo 2008
Lobo 2009
Lobo 2010 -Sold out!

Come by LHS Room 258 or call (903) 663-7181 to buy one of the books above.


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