Second Grade Lessons

Living and Nonliving (Systems) Animals (Characteristics & Classification of)

Investigating Local Ecosytems
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Life and Living Things Ecology
Internet 4 Classrooms

Animals (Life Cycle) Animal Habitats (Adaptions)
Life Cycle of Mealworm
Forest Lake 2nd grade lesson
Life Cycle of Frogs

Animal Habitats

Animal Diversity
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Animal Adjective Poem
Connected Tech-2nd Gr.-Reading & Language Arts (Login Required-See ITS)
Monarch Bookmarks
Connected Tech-2nd Gr.-Science (Login Required-See ITS)
Common Adaptation Patterns
Adaptations of Mouth Structures
Natural Resources  Cycles of the Night Sky
Seasonal Cycles Water Cycle
Weather Dude
Earth's Seasons
Enchanted Learning

Water Cycle (using KidPix)
LISD Elementary ITS

Weather Cycles States of Matter
Hands-on Activities
Web Weather for Kids
Awesome Library
Weather Lesson by Subtopics

Water 1: Water and Ice
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Water 2: Disappearing Water
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Lightning and Thunder
An Experiment
  Water 3: Melting and Freezing
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What's the Matter (Webquest)
York County Schools
Matter: Forces and Motion Matter: Energy

Gravity Launch
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Simple Machines Plants (Life Cycle)
Work is Simple with Simple Machines
Forest Park Schools
  How Plants and Flowers Grow
Kidport Reference Library
Plants (Parts) Plants (Needs)

What Parts Are There to a Plant?
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Growing Plants
BBC School Science