Second Grade Templates
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Living and Nonliving (Systems) Animals (Characteristics & Classification of)
Living & Nonliving
Sorting Activity
Living & Nonliving

Animal Categories

Animal Facts (PowerPoint)


Animal Characteristics (ppt) NEISD

Animal Characteristics -Spanish (ppt) NEISD

Animals (Life Cycle) Animal Habitats (Adaptions)

Kid Pix Butterfly Cycle Example - Draw and label

Animal Diversity (Kidspiration)


Life Cycle of Mealworm (ppt)

Life Cycle of a Chicken (Kidspiration)

Animal Habitats: Kid Pix- Use stamps to place animals in the correct habitat

Natural Resources  Cycles of the Night Sky
    Constellations (Kidspiration)  
Seasonal Cycles Water Cycle
Seasonal Sentences (Word)
"Seasonal Sentences" Lesson Plan (Connected Tech Lesson) Water Cycle Vocabulary (Word) Water Cycle (Kidspiration)
    Kid Pix Slide Show- 6 templates
1 2 3 4 5 6
Water Cycle Steps (Kidspiration)
Weather Cycles States of Matter
Weather Journal (Excel) Weather and Seasons(Kidspiration)

Sorting Activity Matter (Kidspiration)

State of Matter (Kidspiration)

Matter: Forces and Motion Matter: Energy

Forces (Kid Pix)

Magnets Attract (Kidspiration) Magnetic vs. Nonmagnetic (Kidspiration)    
Simple Machines Plants (Life Cycle)
Kid Pix Examples  

Plant Life:How Much We've Grown (Excel)

Plant Cycle (Kidspiration)

    Label Plant Parts (Kid Pix)
    Plant Cycle (Kidspiration)  
Plants (Parts) Plants (Needs)

Plant Parts - Spanish
(Kidspiration) NEISD

Plant Parts - English
(Kidspiration) NEISD

Things Plants Need (Kidspiration)