Ecosystems of Texas
LISD Elementary ITS Resource Page

Prior Knowledge

Ecosystem Presentation PowerPoint
Watch this PowerPoint for a description of an ecosystem.

Read this website that describes an ecosystem

Desert Food Chain Example
Read this to learn how the destruction of an ecosystem effects the food chain.


1. Use the Resource link to search for information.
2. Your storyboard will list the information needed
to complete the project

PowerPoint Projects
Teacher Directions / Storyboard

PowerPoint Documentary Template
Use images found on the Internet to record a documentary about an animal and its ecosystem.

PowerPoint Brochure
Use images and type information about an animal and it's ecosystem.
Change title and subtitles as needed.


Kidspiration Venn Diagram
Compare a West Texas ecosystem to an East Texas ecosystem

Venn Diagram partial example

Kidspiration Web Diagram
Use the links to complete the information about an ecosystem.


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