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Adult and Community Education  

The Dade Center

Jana Goodwin, Secretary

Athletic Department - Aquatic Center

Suzie Pierce, Secretary
Pat Collins, Director

Bramlette Elementary

Linda Campbell, Secretary
Vernessa Gentry, Principal

Career & Technology Center (LHS)

Bobbi Wade, Secretary
Debby Deck, Director

Doris McQueen Primary

Dee Ayn Cromer, Secretary
John York, Principal

Education Support Center

Judy Hawkins, Secretary
Dr. James Wilcox

Food Services

Elizabeth McClain, Secretary
Michelle Mitchell, Coordinator

Forest Park Middle School

Mary Hagler, Secretary
Linda Lister, Principal

Foster Middle School

Mona Gruppi, Secretary
Sedric Clark, Principal

GK Foster Primary

Seidah Muhyee, Secretary
Jacqueline Burnett, Principal

Hudson PEP Elementary

Marie Rivers, Secretary
Sue Wilson, Principal

JL Everhart Primary

Frances Johnson, Secretary
Yvonne Johnson, Principal

Jodie McClure Elementary

Sandra Hines, Secretary
Cynthia Wise, Principal

Judson Middle School

Sandy Whitehurst, Secretary
Brian Kasper, Principal

LEAD Academy Rosalind Beard, Secretary
D'Wanna Finkel, Principal

Longview High School

Linda Voyles, Secretary
James Brewer, Principal


Lee Ann Hunt, Secretary
Ray Miller, Director

Mozelle Johnston Elementary

Brenda Johnson, Secretary
Sarah Sheppard, Principal

Operations Lee Ann Hunt, Secretary
Lynn Marshall, Assistant Superintendent

South Ward Elementary

Chantelle Malone, Secretary
Dr. Carl Briley, Principal

Student Development Center

Jana Goodwin, Secretary


Margaret O'Neal, Secretary
Ray Miller, Director

Valley View Elementary

Melissa Lippitz, Secretary
Melinda Anderson, Principal

Ware Elementary

Karen Mann, Secretary
Karen Bonds, Principal

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